Your dog is terrific until a squirrel, another dog, heck,

even a plastic bag comes by, then you find yourself hanging on to the leash with all your might and no matter what you say or do, your dog totally ignores you..


If this is your experience, then this class

is what you need.


This is a behavioral class, not a manners class. We will be working to change the way your dog thinks and instead of reacting and getting out of control, to calmly look to you.  Sound impossible?   It isn’t!


Using sound, proven methods that come from Behavioral Science, you will see remarkable improvement.


Class size is kept small (4 - 5 dogs) so you receive

more individual attention.

Each session is two hours so each dog and handler will have time to work individually for better comprehension of the techniques being taught.

Watching each team will help you better see

how dogs learn and change their thinking, making you a more thoughtful trainer of your own dog.

You will be asked to bring a crate and your dog will be able to relax out of site of the other dogs to reduce stress.

 Now a



COVID-19 Protocols for all classes:

  • Two people per dog (18+ years old) may attend the class. No exceptions. I am holding the class size to 5 dogs.

  • If you are fully vaccinated, masks are optional

  • I will NOT be verifying vaccinations. 

  • When the weather permits, we can hold class outdoors.

 Dogs over 6 months old. Beginning K9 Manners helpful, but not required.

$260.00 for six weeks of 2 hour classes each week 



1208 Dolphin Ct

Waukesha, WI 53186

Monday, July 12th

at 7pm

Proof of current Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccinations required.