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A great place to start your puppy’s education!


Your pup is at the critical stage of development (3-16 weeks)

where seeing and experiencing novel people, places, sounds, textures and other pups, and at the same time, having good associations, will help them grow into a sound, confident dog.


In K9 Kindergarten, they will have all of these experiences in a safe, fun manner.


You will learn how to teach your puppy manners that will last a lifetime.


Really Reliable Recall, Sit, Leave It, Drop It, Loose Leash Walking and Relax on a Mat, along with learning how dogs learn, and techniques that make training fun and effective!

Puppies between 9 -16 weeks of age by 1st week of class

$175.00 for six weeks of 1 hour classes each week 

Start dates of sessions listed - we meet each week same day and time

Puppies do NOT come to the first class


1208 Dolphin Ct

Waukesha, WI 53186

Tuesday, September 10th at 7pm

Proof of current Distemper and Bordetella vaccinations required.

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