All consults and training will take place in your own home, where your family and your dog lives. This allows for a customized plan for greater success in your training strategy.
The Dog Lady services the entire Southeast Wisconsin area.

Two Bulldogs looking at the camera

 Initial Consultation $175

Set aside 1 1/2 to 2 hours as we discuss your dog’s history, previous training, concerns and goals. Together, a plan will be decided upon that is do-able for your family. Cheri will explain the training technique(s), how to practice, how often to practice and will demonstrate for you. Each member of the family can then practice so you have a complete understanding of how to work most effectively with your dog.

Follow-Up Visits $100/hour


At your discretion, follow-up sessions can be scheduled to expand your training, or trouble-shoot any issues that arise.


Behavioral Modification will usually take a number of visits to help your dog make positive changes.

Travel over 25 miles from Pewaukee, WI may incur an additional travel fee of $50. 

Wearing a mask is completely your choice.

I am happy to wear a mask if you like and will have one with me.

I would love to meet you and your dog and get started on training.

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