Do you need help with teaching your family dog

basic obedience and manners?


New Puppy? Check out K9 Kindergarten, the puppy class that gets your puppy off on the right paw.

Are you experiencing challenging behaviors from your dog?

You have come to the right place!


Cheri Burger is the

Dog Lady


A Certified Professional Dog Trainer that can help you train your dog into the polite member of your family that you’ve always wanted.


Cheri has hundreds of hours of training experience and works with all breeds and ages of dogs.


She teaches group classes using all reward based methods that motivates your dog to learn faster. From Puppy to Senior Citizen, there is a class for you and your dog.


If you prefer training in privacy and with less distraction, or, you need special help with behavior, she will come to your home and give you the tools you need to turn your problem pup into a lovely family companion.

My Roster is FULL!

I am not accepting new clients at the moment. My calendar is chock full! I am thrilled that I can help so many,

but there is only one of me and if I want to remain sane, I need to pare back a bit.

Please check back in August 2022.

For help please contact

for some fantastic dog professionals that I stand behind and recommend wholeheartedly.